Dean Unveils John Entwistle Hybrid 5-String Bass

Dean John Entwistle Hybrid 5-String Bass

Dean unveiled several new basses at NAMM this year including a 5-string version of the John Entwistle Hybrid bass. Sharing many of the features of the 4-string Hybrid, The Ox’s new signature model sports bolt-on construction with an alder body and a maple “C”-shaped neck. Other features include a pair of EMG HZ Humbucker pickups, a dual purpose die-cast bridge, and die cast tuners.

The Dean John Entwistle Hybrid 5-string bass is due this year and is available for pre-order for $699. For more info, check out the Dean Guitars website.

Dean John Entwistle Hybrid 5-string Bass Details:

  • Alder Top/Body
  • 34? Scale
  • Bolt-On Maple C Neck
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Black Dot Inlays
  • Die Cast Tuners
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Dual Purpose Die Cast Bridge
  • EMG HZ Humbucker Pickups
  • Finishes: Classic Black

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  1. I am really done with Dean making tonnes of cash off the names of dead artists and then putting out ugly ill conceived and terribly made basses branded with said artists name.

  2. Truly, this bass is the answer to the question that nobody asked.

  3. The tuning pegs are hideous and the rest? Eh, nothing special.

  4. Okay, let’s try to post this way:
    JAE has once again rolled over in his grave.

  5. This is truly a far cry away from the Alembic basses that he actually played.

  6. Dean should be ashamed of themselves. What a load of bullshit this is.

  7. Just threw up a little in my mouth.