On the Music Path: A Look at the Music Lessons App for iPad

On the Music Path app screenOn The Path released a beautiful app that I’ve enjoyed for the past year or so, called On the Music Path.

On the Music Path is an iPad app designed to offer in-depth lessons for a multitude of instruments by masters of their craft (like Roscoe Beck, Leland Sklar, Russell Ferrante, Eric Johnson, Lee Ritenour and many many more).

While it is free to download the app, the lessons run about $14.99 each.

The lessons are beautifully presented and include scrollable table of contents, tab (with a marker which follows along), standard notation, the ability to loop sections, variable speed and beautiful split-screen camera angles. These lessons are extremely well presented.

You can also record yourself playing along with the pieces.

I can’t imagine a more beautiful implementation of lessons on your iDevice. This is truly the future happening now and On The Path did an incredible job raising the bar.

You can watch Jeff Bridges talk about what he digs about the app, and you’ll see why I’m so impressed:

On the Music Path is available from the App Store. The app is designed for the iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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  1. You should run a “best bass apps” or rate the top bass apps available for iPad.

  2. I’ve been waiting for the Lee Sklar lesson to appear on this for a while.

  3. What happened to this app? I had it on my old iPad, but can’t find it to download on my new one!

  4. I have the same problem too. Does anyone know what’s happened?

  5. Me too…only just discovered the existence of this great-sounding app and will be truly upset if “not currently available” turns out to mean “permanently deleted”….Anyone got any info?

  6. Does anyone know if this app is available for android or Windows?

  7. F Garbrecht

    Apparently this app isn’t available anymore. I saw a comment somewhere that the company that produced it is no longer in business.

    • Glen

      not only is the app not available, but users that have already purchased lessons can no longer access them, essentially any $$ spent on them is gone! Neither Apple nor the app maker are doing any thing to remedy the situation either . I guess it’s back to DVD’s again.