Tech 21 Unveils Private Stock Formula 21 All-Tube Bass Preamp

Tech 21 Private Stock Formula 21 All-Tube Bass Preamp

Tech 21 has unveiled the Private Stock Formula 21, an exclusive vacuum tube bass preamp. The limited edition preamp is hand-built at the company’s U.S. factory and is housed in a solid mahogany cabinet with a cherry finish.

Custom designed by Tech 21 president Andrew Barta, the Formula 21 came as a vision of an all-tube version of the SansAmp Bass Driver. Its all-tube circuitry features four hand-selected 12AX7 tubes. While its 3-Band EQ follows the SansAmp’s concept, its tube design makes it passive and capable of boosting approximately 6dB.

The Character switch controls a proprietary filter that warms up the bass. Presence is the preamp’s only active tone control and can boost the 2.5kHz range up approximately 6dB. The Bright switch gives a broader range of treble and works in conjunction with the Drive knob: increasing the drive makes the bright less active while a lower drive setting makes the bright more pronounced.

Connectivity includes a 1 megOhm input, 1/4-inch output, and a switchable XLR output. The Tech 21 Formula 21 is limited to less than a dozen units, and will be only available directly for $1949. For more info, visit the Tech 21 website.

Tech 21 Private Stock Formula 21 Tube Bass Preamp Specs:

  • All tube circuitry with 12AX7 low noise, hand selected tubes.
  • Solid mahogany cabinet enclosure with a cherry finish.
  • 3-band EQ, Presence, Drive Controls
  • Character Switch
  • Bright Switch
  • 1 megOhm Input
  • 1/4-inch output
  • XLR Output with switchable line/instrument level
  • Ground lift
  • Approx.weight: 12 lbs

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  1. Looks awesome and I’m sure it sounds killer, but for damn near $2000 you might as well get yourself an SVT…

  2. Cool, but not 2 grand cool. I’ll just stick to the non-tubed Tech 21 stuff.

  3. This would be absolutely dangerous sitting on top of my LH1000. Unfortunately, it costs more than my whole stack. We can at least hope that, now that they’ve finally taken the leap and put some real tubes in a pre, it’ll lead to some more obtainable tube gear.

  4. I think I’ll stick with my landmark 600.

  5. I would expect for a kid to dial in those sounds. I suppose I will have to depend on trying one myself.

  6. A jazz bass isn’t going to do this justice. Something tells me a rather hot bass would sound absolutely snarling nasty through this thing.