Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey and David “Fingers” Haynes: 2013 NAMM Jam

One of the most popular videos of all time on No Treble is by the trio of Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey and David “Fingers” Haynes performing “Mercy Mercy Mercy” at the 2009 NAMM Show. (You should watch that video after this one).

Here are the guys once again, performing at this year’s NAMM Show, laying it down like only they can, quoting the Rolling Stones, Beatles and others, and having a lot of fun.

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  1. I believe you meant The Rollings Stones instead of The Beatles. They also quote So What, and at the very end Harlem Nocturne.

  2. I don’t why, but I always find Steve Baileys playing very unfulfilling next to Victor Wooten. I mean no disrespect, he’s a lot better than I’ll ever be, it’s just something about all that empty space and the very thin tone he uses doesn’t hit the spot for me.

  3. Sometimes it just feels like Victor Wooten is trying to prove how many notes he can play. His technique is beyond questioning, but sometimes the groove is killed by his need to fall into that metal guitarists’ trap of “fret wanking”.

  4. Victor is always a treat to watch. Huge smiile, animated, and just unreal!!!! AndI’m sure there was no disrespect meant Lyall,but i agree, putting Steve next to Victor almost seems wrong. They are both so different but so seriously groovin in there own separate was.My suggestion is just kick back and watch the greats wail any time you can….always leaves me smiling! Enjoy Brothers!

  5. pensé que vería una presentación nueva </3