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GFS Pickups Introduces REDactive Bass Pickups

GFS Pickups REDactive Bass PickupsGFS Pickups has announced new REDactive series of pickups, including Jazz and P Bass styles. The pickups are low impedance, noiseless models with internal preamplifiers. Each pickup is vintage voiced and “position calibrated” by their coils and the internal preamplifier.

Beyond standard configurations, each pickup can be matched with REDactive components including pots, jacks, caps, and switches to personalize your setup.

The REDactive bass pickups are noise canceling and fully shielded. Each set is boxed with screws, foam pads, and a connector cable with illustrated installation instructions.

The GFS REDactive RL125, RL126, and RL129 are available direct from for $26.95 each.

GFS REDactive Bass Pickup Features:

GFS Pickups REDactive Bass Pickups back

  • Noise Canceling
  • Alnico Magnets
  • Low-Impedance
  • Internal Preamplifiers
  • Configurable System