Lace Announces “Man O’ War” Series Bass Pickups

Lace Music "Man O' War" Series Bass PickupsLace Music has released a new line of passive Lace Sensor pickups for bass dubbed the “Man O’ War” Series. Available in J-bass, P-bass, and MM-style configurations, the new pickups are upgraded versions of the Lace pickups originally introduced in the early ‘90s as replacements for Fender’s P Bass Plus and J Bass Plus instruments.

Lace describes the new “Man O’ War” bass pickups as high-output and “voiced for an aggressive yet controlled tone.” Features include Barium Ferrite, Radian Field Barrier magnetics and Lace Micro Matrix combs for unique flux field shaping abilities.

All of the Lace “Man O’ War” Series bass pickups are available in black matte finishes and are made in California. They are available now with suggested retail prices from $119.99 to $209.99. For more info, check out the Lace website.

Lace Man O’War P Specs:

  • Position: Bridge/Neck
  • Resistance: 7.8k
  • Henries: 3.6
  • Peak Frequency: 3000hz

Lace Man O’ War J Bridge Specs:

  • Position: Bridge
  • Resistance: 10.0k
  • Henries: 5.1
  • Peak Frequency: 2300hz

Lace Man O’ War J Neck Specs:

  • Position: Neck
  • Resistance: 9.1k
  • Henries: 4.40
  • Peak Frequency: 2580hz

Lace Man O’ War MM4 Specs:

  • Position: Bridge/Neck
  • Resistance: 18.0k
  • Henries: 8.8
  • Peak Frequency: 1880hz

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  1. 1880hz peak frecquency on the MusicMan o.O? so… no highs, just high mids? Guess some people might like it… Don’t think I’m one of them :P

  2. Since they’re called man-of-war does that mean I would have to quit being a real bass player and start using a pick?

  3. The name Man of War and passive should not go together. I hate em already.