Marta Altesa: Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go Away” Play-Along

When we first featured bassist Marta Altesa, she knocked us out with her Jamiroquai play-along. The video showcased her great playing, but what really blew us away was the fact she started playing bass less than three years ago.

Marta stunned us again with a new a new video of her playing along to Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go Away”. That tune of course features the terrific fretless work and musicianship of Pino Palladino.

Marta nails every note. But once again, Marta is showing skill that defies her years of experience: this is the first time she played a tune on fretless. She even had to borrow the bass.

If she can do this already, we can’t imagine there’s any limit to what Marta will pull off in the future. And we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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  1. I’m surprised she hasn’t been offered a job by Cee-Lo or some other pop artist that would like to lay claim to ‘discovering’ her.

  2. Pino must be proud!

  3. SO good! The look on her face when she knows she’s nailed one of the the more intricate runs, is precious. Very well done!

  4. Beautiful job! I have always loved this tune.

  5. From her facebook page! DReams do come true!

    The guys from Jamiroquai saw my YouTube vids and asked me if I wanted to join them in their shows in Chile, Peru and Venezuela. Unbelievable! Definitely a dream come true :)

  6. Igual! Ganda malha! Best regards from Portugal ;).

  7. Nice..what kind of stingray is that? Vintage, Classic or just a regular fretless 2 band

  8. Playing for 3 years? I’ve been trying to play that for 20 years and she puts me to shame.

  9. She borrowed the bass from her boyfriend, Miki Santamaria. You should check out his Youtube Page. Jamereo Artis from Bruno Mars band is a fan, in fact Miki’s been invited to their gig when they play Spain. :)

  10. She plays well. Nice song too. I think it would be an eXcellent theme song for an Ex-Lax commercial.

    • Jealousy is a sin Rory…. Just because she blows your chops off is no reason to post nasty remarks!

    • Steve,, I didn’t say she doesn’t play well. Read it again. And I didn’t say the song isn’t nice. It’s a nice song. Read that again too. Then try listening to the lyrics…. you think it wouldn’t work for advertising ? What’s’ going on; Manopause ?

    • ah…. now I’m supposed to ignore that last sentence? You have a strange way of saying ‘nice’ things to people, no?

    • I see that you’ve ignored the other sentences twice already. Why don’t I see your apology to offered to me for your smarmy insult attempt ? Lets clear up that issue first.

  11. She continues to amaze me in both abilities and looks! Keep on jammin’!

  12. Nicely done, but I have to admit just watching the expressions is half the fun – she’s definitely enjoying what she’s doing. :)

  13. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! suena increíble! =)

  14. I was telling a friend today that it took me 8-10 years before I could play like she does. Three years? WOW! I hope she goes a long way – this lady has talent!

  15. Awesome Marta! The best of your nice performance is your face expressing joy and relax. You look really immersed in the music and you share with others in such way that make us to feel the same. All the best for you, pretty lady!

  16. Interesting that she uses some cello vibrato technique if “this is the first time she played a tune on fretless”.

  17. I have a feeling she’s going to be a phenomenal studio musician. Just great playing and feel for the the song and timing. All the things you can’t learn or be taught, she’s got. Just an amazing musician. I’ve subscribed to her YouTube channel and every time I watch, I knw she could bury me in 30 seconds of playing and I’d be out.

  18. Oh my… I love her! what a clean playing perfect pitch ;)

  19. Dan

    She’s deffo not playing this! She plays double time on a lot of the notes and nothing comes though, I know they’re muted but even so. The first verse “If we can solve any problems..” from 26-50s shows it perfectly. And the sound is so “good” cos it’s Pino’s from post Production, duh! I’m not saying that she can’t play it but playing this perfect, first time on a fretless after only 3 years, I think not. Before you ask, yes I do play the bass and have done for 26 years!

  20. Buddy Pitts

    Just saw “MARTA” on you tube… I was absolutely amazed at her fret control and picking… I watched several and I’m hooked… She has a great smile but uses it sparingly.

    I’d bet she doesn’t outweigh that bass g’tar by much…