Aaron Gibson: Waiting

I don’t remember when we first discovered the music of Aaron Gibson, but ever since that day he’s been one of my favorite bassists.

It has been a while since Aaron posted a video, because he’s been devoting more of his time to animating rather than writing music.

The tune is “Waiting”, Aaron’s own composition from his solo album, Becoming Unravelled. This is one of Aaron’s rare “live” videos, but he shows his incredible musicianship and creative video work once again.

The behind-the-scenes info from Aaron:

Filmed with iPhones and an iPad. I use an Alembic bass, Mesa Boogie amp and DR strings.

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  1. that’s a sweet alembic bass.

  2. My favorite Alembic body style. I don’t know if I’d like the neck. I know one thing. I wouldn’t sit near a fireplace with my multi- $K axe.

  3. Love it! Practicing that lick at 1:21…