One Man Band: Giulio Carmassi Performs Brecker Brothers “Slick Stuff”

In this video Giulio Carmassi not only covers Will Lee’s bass part in “Slick Stuff” by the Brecker Brothers, he covers everything else as well!

Talk about a multi-instrumentalist!

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  1. no way, man! absolutely fantastic!

  2. Fantastic for Mr. Carmassi to be so good on so many different instruments! Amazing!

  3. I wish I could play any ONEof those instruments so well!

  4. Mind blown. To get that good on that many instruments takes a lot of work and talent.

    The new musicians I am seeing these days are better than ever… but not groups – just individuals. What a shame the old music business of developing talent and selling records is no more.

  5. yea but can he play the cow bell? it needs more cow bell!!!! LOL (yup he is amazing, and i am jealous)

  6. This guy has pretty much his personal economy solved since he could play with any band/artist, anywhere in the world, anytime, any genre, any instrument… u get my point? :P

    also, he’s a hell of a groove master too

  7. sos tremendo amigo, mucho talento ahi!