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Audix Releases Cabi5 and Cabf5 Microphone Mounting Kits

Audix Cabi5 Microphone Mounting KitAudix has introduced the Cabi5 and Cabf5, a pair of kits that bundle their i5 or f5 microphones with their CabGrabber microphone mounting systems. The CabGrabber mounting system is a spring-loaded mic support that grips onto bass or guitar cabinets for easy mounting. The system mounts without the use of tools and has a curved arm with a locking choke to get precise and repeatable mic placement. It also has an integrated cable to keep the stage organized.

Audix’s i5 is a dynamic cardioid microphone capable of handling 144 dB SPL with a frequency range of 50Hz to 16kHz. The f5 is a dynamic hypercardioid mic rated at 136dB SPL and 55Hz to 15kHz. Both mics are built with a cast zinc alloy body, steel mesh grill, and black finish.

The CabGrabber accommodates cabinets from eight to fourteen inches, while the CabGrabberXL supports larger cabs from 14 to 20 inches deep. The Cabi5 and Cabf5 kits are available with MSRPs of $190 and $150, respectively. For more info, check out the Audix website.

Audix Cabi5 Microphone Mounting Kit Features:

  • Audix i5 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
  • Cabgrabber Miking Solution Mounts to Cabinet
  • Accessories: Windscreen, Mic Clip, Carrying Pouch

Audix Cabf5 Microphone Mounting Kit Features:

  • Audix f5 Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone
  • Cabgrabber Miking Solution Mounts to Cabinet

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