Crazy Horse’s Billy Talbot Releases New Album

Billy Talbot Band: On the Road to SpearfishBilly Talbot, the longtime bassist Neil Young’s backing band Crazy Horse, has just released his latest album with his own band.

On the Road to Spearfish is a nine-track album and the band’s second album following the 2004 release, Alive in the Spirit World.

Talbot began performing solo in 1999, playing small venues until officially forming the Billy Talbot Band in 2004 with the release of that first album. The bassist met Neil Young in 1967, while Young was a member of Buffalo Springfield. After that encounter, Talbot joined forces with Young, Ralph Molina and Danny Whitten to form Crazy Horse.

In addition to the nine audio tracks, On the Road to Spearfish also features companion videos for each song, with footage from the recording sessions.

Talbot’s inspiration for the new album was the “open spaces in and around Spearfish, South Dakota”, where the bassist and his wife restored a homestead.

Talbot said that Warren Zevon’s final album, The Wind, also served as inspiration.

“When I first heard Warren’s last record, the starkness and the raw emotion, I really felt that and got into it,” he shared. “That quality, that’s what I’m going for.”

On the Road to Spearfish is available in digital format (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

On the Road to Spearfish Track List:

  1. Empty Stadium
  2. Runnin Around
  3. Cold Wind
  4. On the Road to Spearfish
  5. Big Rain
  6. The Herd
  7. Miller Drive
  8. God and Me
  9. Ring the Bell

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