Dream Theater: Instrumedley (John Myung Angle)

Dream Theater’s “Instrumedley”, AKA “The Dance of Instrumentals” is an instrumental showcase the band performed only during their live shows.

Here’s the best version of the performance – the one focused exclusively on bassist John Myung.

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  1. without a doubt….one of the best, inspiring bassist alive today.and a great guy to talk to.

  2. my forever idol…props to JOHN MYUNG.

  3. Gods walk among us…. These guys don’t get enough credit for the incredibly awesome as well as difficult music they write.

  4. Mr. Myung is always a huge source of inspiration.

  5. Very much akin to Styx! Now if that OTHER six string player would stop. ;)

  6. There are rare occasions where lightning strikes and 4 of the most gifted musicians on the planet come together to create music that just goes beyond the comprehension of mortals… THIS is one of those times. Dream Theater is just flat out amazing.

  7. This Instrumedley kind of reminds me of “Tarkus”, from ELP…

  8. I hate to say it but it strikes me as a mish-mosh of odd pieces strung together. No theme or melody to tie into. I DO give them credit for remembering all their parts.

    • I have to agree on this one. John Myung is a great player and DT a superb band, but the “song” is just that, a compound of bits and pieces used as an excuse to show their chops. JMHO.

    • I believe that’s because it is. This is quite literally a mish-mosh of various instrumental songs and section from a handful of different records. Generally their instrumentals have a much nicer structure, but this was seeming performed as a treat for the fans who watched them live.

  9. John is such a great player but I feel so much of what he plays gets lost in the mix. That bass doesn’t do him justice. I would love to hear him on a better bass like a Fodera or an Alembic.