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Radial Engineering Introduces StageDirect Muting Direct Box

Radial Engineering StageDirect Muting Direct BoxRadial Engineering has announced StageDirect, an active direct box that adds a mute switch for silent tuning or switching instruments without having to turn down your PA or stage amp. When the footswitch is depressed, all outputs except the tuner output are muted.

Other features on the StageDirect include a 180° polarity reverse switch, a -15dB pad, and a high-pass filter, all of which are top mounted for easy access. Besides an instrument input, balanced output, and amp output, a Remote control input allows for an external, non-latching footswitch to be connected for a stage tech to enable the mute when switching instruments.

The new box is built with 14 gauge steel and finished in baked enamel for durability. The Radial Engineering StageDirect is shipping this month with a retail price of $250. For more info, check out the Radial Engineering website.

Radial StageDirect Details:

  • Active DI
  • Footswitch Mute
  • Tuner Out
  • Remote Control Mute Input
  • 180° polarity reverse switch
  • -15dB pad switch
  • High-pass filter
  • Power: 48V phantom or included 15VDC Power Supply