Larry Graham and Graham Central Station: Release Yourself

In honor of Larry Graham’s birthday today, we wanted to look back at his earlier work with Graham Central Station.

This is some serious old school funk right here – with Larry and the band making an appearance on Soul Train – I believe in 1975.

Happy birthday, Mr. Graham!

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  1. man! check out those big perms. that’s what 70s funk does to your hair. no chemicals. yeah! larry graham is one of the original funksters on the low end. this is where the slappin’ and pluckin’ starts!

  2. Wait…what are those weird looking sticks with strings that they are playing with their fingers. And why dont those keyboards have letters on them and Alt-Ctrl-Delete buttons. Isnt there supposed to be a guy with the laptop, I think they call him “DJ Push A Button”? Why dont their voices sound like an alien Micky Mouse? Why aren’t they sing about rims and big booties? I’m so confused!