Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”: Bill Wyman’s Isolated Bass

Editor’s note: This week is Isolated Bass Week III. Follow along and be sure to check out all of the Isolated Bass Week archives too.

Today’s isolated bass track features Bill Wyman’s bass line on the Rolling Stones tune “Gimme Shelter” – the opening track on the Stones’ 1969 release, Let It Bleed.

As with many of these isolated tracks, the bass line becomes even more remarkable – don’t you think?

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  1. last bass shown ????? mid 70’s

  2. the thing I love the most about these is discovering all the details that get lost in the mix. My takeaway from this… Bill Wyman is more rhythmically accurate than I gave him credit for and his fills and improvs are so varied

  3. That Bill Wyman … he’s such a gifted musician … guess he got bored playing with the stones after all those years.

  4. COOL , any chance of ‘ live with me ‘ … Bill’s playing is inspirational on this track !

  5. Flats with a pick no doubt. This is such a great line. Listening to it isolated you can here how much of an evil vibe it adds to an already dark song.

  6. Jerry Bone

    Wyman shows his expertise with a pick …

  7. Joe lynn tiller

    When I started playing bass.he was my mentor .and jack bruce