Zander Zon: The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” Solo Bass Performance

I don’t know how Zander Zon does it, but he just keeps bringing his incredible bass arrangement videos.

In this new one, Zander tackles The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” with a killer piccolo bass arrangement and performance on his Zon VB4.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the share and kind words. Corey! And thanks to the No Treble community for the ‘likes’. :-)

  2. Zander you are just incredible. How do you do it ? Tell me this secret pls ! :)

  3. you are a god. I am not worthy to even shine your shoes

  4. yet another awesome interpretation. incredible. such an inspiration. keep it up !!!!

  5. very nice my friend. really shows bass can cut it up front as well as holding the foundations of a band together (but it is still sweet to rock the foundation of a joint when needed)

  6. Very nice and amazing bass arrangements for some pieces just based on guitar and voice. Congrats!

  7. HA I’m sure the actual bassist of the Killers is just like, “Ummm.. well yeah.” Awesome job man!

  8. its too good. it destroys minds.

  9. … love me? this is fantastic.

  10. I here a lot of treble here but I still likey !!!!

  11. really enjoy it! well done!!

  12. Cam Young

    amazing! is there tabs or notation for this arrangement?

  13. Wow ! Very impressive. Just goes to show everyone bass has no bounds and you are only limited by your imagination…..or lack there of : )

  14. Highly musical, and beautiful arrangement

  15. MerkinMuffley

    Wow…amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  16. Ian

    practice really makes perfection..nice job! :)

  17. Very cool stuff, you really squeezed a lot of sound out of your bass for that piece.Please bring us some more tasty tunes in the future….

  18. Sherif Louis

    What Gauge are your strings?

    beautiful playing :-)

  19. This is amazing me and a couple friends watched this and couldn’t believe someone could play a bass like this, awesome job don’t stop doing this you’re really good!

  20. Allen. Quillian

    Incredible playing and style. Dispelling any limitation of what bass playing should be.