In Memoriam: Lorne Black

Great White (1986)Original Great White bassist Lorne Black has died of undisclosed causes. Black founded Great White with vocalist Jack Russell and guitarist Mark Kendall in 1982 and was featured on the band’s debut EP and self-titled album as well as the follow-ups Shot in the Dark and Once Bitten….

“Our hearts go out to his family, friends and fans,” Russell wrote of his passing. “Lorne was a huge part of the first incarnation of Great White; may he rest in peace.”

Black left the ranks of Great White in 1987 before the band had the biggest hit of their career, “Once Bitten Twice Shy.”

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Lorne Black.

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  1. He was a badass bass player. Great bass playing on the first album. R.I.P. Lorne!

  2. Knew him, great bass player, even nicer guy. Rest in peace buddy.

  3. Another great Rocker gone! Life’s not fair! Keep on Rocking in Heaven! Barko!

  4. job well done little bro time to rest and enjoy the peace.i remember back in jr high school you and eugene playing you and your telecaster tuned like a bass with your huge 18inch stereo speaker cabs and eugenes teasco guitar and buds hand me down Luds. bro u went all the way and now its time to accept the prize love you bro see you on the other side

  5. I meet L.B. . at H is Home In Norwalk C alifornia about 2 black away from the Norwalk Tower. I was with Leonard Haze Original drummer of Yesterday and Today that became Y&T. L.B. Lady At the Time Name was Heidi . We went thier to work on the song that had the hook Rock Me Rock You. We worked on it in his front Room. A few weeks later he came out to the S.F. East Bay Area And play At The Omni Club for The Informant Magazine. Christmas show. That Featured Don Dokken of Dokken Tommy Atomic of UFO Leonard Hayes andJoe Alves of Y&T Carmine Appice from Ozzy Osbourne Lauren black from Great White Also C.C. DeVille From Poison Was invited but couldn’t make it . I Was the Stage Manger at That Time for the INFORMANT MAGAZINE. AND THAT’S How I Became Friends with L.B. WE We both talked back and forth each other for years I even came out there a couple more times lost track of him But look for him several different times Ran into somebody who claims to be The brother of the drummer of who I was working with out there Butt Lost track Leonard asked me around 2012 to locate warm because he was working on an album Called Not Purple Because we thought one would be the best fit I miss that man He was very creative I would like to know if there’s any other work that was recorded that Lauren did And if so if somebody can point me in the right direction to find it I miss him and may He rest in peace It’s been a hard Road for him He was a very talented individual who never got all that Credit that he should have I’m going to miss him But I will always remember him and he will always be alive as long as we all remember him rest in peace L.B. And yes there’s other stories And

  6. Jon Dix

    I meet Lorne the year him and his family moved to Anaheim Hills, We were just young teens, I have a few memories that put a smile on my face in thought of Lorne, One summer night Loren, me Jon Dix & Gary Carlson decided we would hick back Into the hills behind Lorne’s house and camp out the night, We did a lot partying and raised some hell as young boys should. I remember seeing Lorne walking to Canyon high school a couple of hours late bare footted looking like a Rock Star even then and that was no short walk.
    I remember the band practicing at Lorne’s parents house, they had a cool little studio and you could here them jamming from a ways away. RIP Lorne Black / Doyle see you on the other side. Jon Dix

  7. Jim Dale Beeding jr

    Lorne Black was and is one of the most talented musicians to hit the music industry ever and he was my best friend he is alive in my heart rest in peace my friend until we see you again keep on rocking the heavens say hi to Jim Morrison for me

    • Jim Dale Beeding jr

      I forgot if anybody would like to hear his latest music go to ReverbNation Lorne Black and I also have all his unreleased music