Reed James Custom Pickups Introduces RJ NEO Vintage Vibe Jazz Bass Pickups

Reed James RJ NEO Vintage Vibe Jazz Bass PickupsReed James Custom Pickups has released the new RJ NEO Vintage Vibe Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickup, a single coil pickup that mixed modern and vintage tone with noiseless operation. The Vintage Vibe incorporates exposed poles that are individually charged by small neodymium magnets.

Reed James’ RJ NEO Vintage Vibe Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups come standard in four and five-string sets for $225 and $250, respectively. They can also be ordered in custom sizes or wood covers for an additional charge. For more info, check out the Reed James Custom Pickups website.

RJ NEO Vintage Vibe Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickup Details:

  • Single Coil Neodymium Design
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Fully shielded
  • Custom Sizes and Covers Available

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  1. Dave OConnor

    Jim. Since I bought my pickups with CASH!!!!! last June, 2015 and you haven’t sent me my pickups nor returned my money as I asked you a couple of months ago, I guess it is time that I start letting the rest of the world know what type of a scammer you are. It hurts me to do it as I have told you privately before but you really don’t give a flying F**** about your customers!!!!! I’m glad it isn’t my business!!!!!!! Hahaha, do I sound PISSED OFF??? I will let you know tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!