GHS Introduces Big Core Bass Strings

GHS Big Core Bass StringsGHS debuted the Big Core Bass line of bass strings at Bass Player Live! this year. The strings feature a combination of stainless steel and nickel-iron wraps over a larger core.

The increased core-to-cover ratio design is optimized for drop tunings without having to use heavier gauges. The set is rounded out with a tapered E string that maintains balance and tone from the G to E strings.

GHS Strings’ Big Core Bass sets are manufactured in Michigan. They’re available with a MSRP of $47.66 and a street price closer to $24.99. For more info, check out the GHS website.

GHS Big Core Bass Strings Demos:

GHS Big Core Bass – P Bass:

GHS Big Core Bass – Drop Tune:

GHS Big Core Bass Strings Details:

  • Roundwound
  • Larger Core-to-Cover Ratio
  • Combination Stainless Steel and Nickel-Iron Wraps
  • Gauge: Medium (45-64-85-105)

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