Puscifer Releases “What Is…”

Puscifer: What Is...If you want to get a better handle on what Maynard James Keenan’s (Tool, A Perfect Circle) additional side project Puscifer is all about, the CD/DVD What Is… has arrived to help you out a bit.

The DVD features concert footage from the Conditions of My Parole tour, while also being a docu/mockumentary about the group, which is kind of a loose assemblage of varying musicians connected to Keenan. However, bassist Matt McJunkins (also of A Perfect Circle) has not only been a solid touring member of the group since it started performing live, he also contributed to the Conditions of My Parole album.

Just to get an idea of what’s happening with Puscifer, the “Andy Kaufman-esque vibe” of What Is… was noted in a Rolling Stone interview with Keenan.

Check out this performance of “Toma” from the DVD to see what we’re talking about:

If you’d rather ditch the visuals and just go for the music, check out the track listing:

  1. The Green Valley
  2. Tiny Monsters
  3. Vagina Mine
  4. Dozo
  5. Toma
  6. The Rapture
  7. The Weaver
  8. Rev 20:20
  9. Momma Sed
  10. Oceans
  11. Monsoons
  12. Horizons
  13. Conditions of My Parole
  14. Man Overboard
  15. Telling Ghosts
  16. Undertaker
  17. Tumbleweed

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