Bass of the Week: Spear Guitars Flextool

Can’t decide between a P, J, or MM bass? Spear has you covered with the Flextool, a bass that’s loaded with all three pickup types.

Spear Guitars Flextool Bass

The Flextool is built with an alder body, Canadian Hard Maple neck and Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Its pickups and hardware are all Spear’s own brand. The pickups include a single coil in the neck position, a split single coil in the middle, and a humbucker in the bridge position. Each pickup has its own volume knob. The Flextool also has a master tone control and a kill switch on the lower horn.

The Spear Flextool comes in Black, Lake Placid Blue, Orange, and Jamaica Green color schemes. For more info, check out the Spear Guitars website.

Spear Flextool Bass Photos:

Spear Flextool Bass Details:

  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: Canadian Hard Maple
  • Fretboard: Indian Rosewood
  • Pickups: Spear Jazz, Precision And MM Pickups
  • Tuners: Spear Vintage
  • Hardware Color: Chrome
  • Bridge: Spear Vintage
  • Controls: Volume x3, Tone
  • Colors: Jamaica Green, Black, Lake Placid Blue

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  1. Well that greenburst is possibly the worst finish I’ve seen, bass looks like a great workhorse

  2. I got GAS for the Jamaica Green!! Looks awesome!

  3. According to the website they’re all sold out

  4. That funky greenburst looks interesting, but there are too many pickups. Price?

  5. Personally, don’t really mind about the finish as I can always change it. But I WOULD like that humbucker to be dropped back as close to the bridge as possible…

  6. No treble does this all the time put shit on the page no price
    How hard is it to put up msrp
    If the manufacturer doesn’t give you one don’t put it on the site
    I hate wasting time looking at another rip off jazz clone that cost 3 to 6 grand that’s made with a Cnc machine
    Some of these manufacturers need a reality check

  7. Interesting. I wonder just how much it does sound like a P, J-neck or MM. With 5 magnets pulling on the strings, I imagine it sounds a little different. P-bass purists say a PJ isn’t quite the same b/c of the J-bridge pup pulling on the strings.

    And who wants a J-neck pup sound anyway? When I use my J-neck pup alone, it’s because I want a P-bass sound…

  8. There’s some space between MM pu and bridge, why don’t put a J bridge pu in there?

  9. Indonesia made. Wonder how they play and sound? Looks cool and you can buy them for $369-399.

  10. I don’t understand why only in the world of electric instruments is it ok to flagrantly rip off others people’s designs. It’s accepted practice, so this is no slam at Spear, but I don’t like it. This, though, IS a slam at Spear: that tortoise shell pickguard combined with the green paint job makes for one ugly jazz bass clone.

  11. I just got one of these as a present, so I wrote a solo piece called “Gift”!

  12. I don’t recommend Spear stuff. I got one a few years ago and the truss rod nut sheared within two weeks. I’m an experienced player and know what I’m doing when setting up so this was a material issue. They look great but you can get better quality gear for the same money.

  13. kinda like the fender urge bass

  14. I have a Fender J bass, and a ’72 Gibson SB-350. I picked up a Spear, ES-339 (Lucille) knockoff, (RD Blues) and I am very happy with it. It’s become my favorite guitar, over my LP, SG, Strats, and Ibanez RG. The tones are amazing, for blues it plugs right into my Mesa Boogie Studio 22, For some types of music it goes thru a DSP. If I were looking for an affordable bass, I sure give the Spear a try out. The RD-Blues, was playable right out of the box, the action was set well, and 2 strings needed the intonation adjusted. It holds a tuning better than any of my other guitars. I played it a couple weeks ago, then put it in its case, and when I got it out last night, it was still in tune. The fit and finish are flawless, even the frets are nice and smooth on the edges. It’s definitely a blues monster. I know we are talking bass here, but I thought maybe sharing my experience with the RD Blues guitar might help those “sitting on the fence”. If they were wondering about how good the quality of Spear is. I’d say as good or better than any other instrument from Asia.