Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in December

The last month of the year featured more new basses than anything else in the gear category, but a few pedals and accessories were announced as well.

Here are the top 10 most popular gear stories in December.

Sandberg Announces 5-String MarloweDK Signature Bass

1. Sandberg 5-String MarloweDK Signature Bass

Two years after issuing MarloweDK’s signature bass, Sandberg has unveiled a five string version of the instrument. The MarloweDK 5-string bass retains most of the features of the four-string with a few adjustments to accommodate for the extra string…

Kala Announces Bakithi Kumalo Signature U-Bass

2. Kala Bakithi Kumalo Signature U-Bass

Bakithi Kumalo and Kala Brand Music have teamed up to released the Bakithi Kumalo Signature U-Bass. Kumalo, who first made his mark on Paul Simon’s Graceland album, has been a U-Bass endorser for several years and helped to create the new signature model…

Fretlight Introduces FB-525 Bass

3. Fretlight FB-525 Bass

Educational instrument maker Fretlight has introduced their first bass guitar, the FB-525. The bass is the four-string to feature the company’s built-in LED learning system that teaches you to play by lighting up dots on the fretboard…

Musicvox Announces Limited Edition 12-String MI-5 Bass

4. Musicvox Limited Edition 12-String MI-5 Bass

Musicvox has introduced a new limited edition 12-string version of their MI-5 bass. The Limited Edition 2014 MI-5 bass features four triple courses for a familiar tuning with more strings. It’s built with neck-through construction with a mahogany body and maple neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard…

Xotic Unveils Chuck Rainey Signature Bass

5. Xotic Chuck Rainey Signature Bass

Bass legend Chuck Rainey has a new signature model from Xotic called the XPJ-1T, a bass designed with versatility in mind. Rainey collaborated with Xotic on the bass which features a P/J pickup configuration with elements of the company’s XP and XJ models…

AC Guitars Unveils Über Graft Spec Bass Series

6. AC Guitars Über Graft Spec Bass Series

AC Guitars has added a new line of basses with the introduction of the Über Graft Spec Series. The new basses build upon the company’s Graft Series of handmade basses, which are made in batch to keep them in an accessible price range…

Mooer Introduces Noise Killer Micro Pedal

7. Mooer Noise Killer Micro Pedal

Mooer has introduced the Noise Killer, a noise gate fitted into a micro pedal configuration. The Noise Killer eliminates noise and feedback in signal chains. It has a simplistic control layout with a single rotary knob to set the threshold and a two-position switch to toggle between a hard or soft knee…

N-Audio Unveils Two Amps To Cabinet Amp Switcher

8. N-Audio Two Amps To Cabinet Amp Switcher

N-Audio has introduced a new compact solution for switching between two amps connected to a single cabinet. Aptly named the â??Two Amps to Cabinet,â? the system is a two channel amp switcher that includes a control unit that connects to the amplifiers and a foot controller for hands-free use…

Metalin’ Guitars Introduces New Aluminum Instrument Stands

9. Metalin’ Guitars New Aluminum Instrument Stands

Metalin’ Guitars has a pair of funky new instrument stands made of solid aluminum. The respective Floor and Gooseneck models feature a sturdy tri-tilt balancing assembly that can be disassembled for storage or moving. Built to fit basses and guitars guitars, the stands have a lacquer safe padding to keep your instrument’s finish safe…

Lehle Now Shipping Julian Parametric Booster Pedal

10. Lehle Julian Parametric Booster Pedal

Lehle is now shipping the Julian, a preamp pedal with parametric mids and treble controls for tonal shaping and recreating sounds of classic treble boosters. Its booster offers up to 15dB of boost or cut…

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