Gheorghe Postoronca: Crazy Train

No, it’s not the famed Ozzy Osbourne song, but Gheorghe Postoronca’s “Crazy Train” is epic. The bassist combines a deep pocket with some extended techniques to make a catchy solo bass tune.

“Crazy Train” will be featured on Postoronca’s upcoming second solo album.

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  1. wow! very interesting reach at :16 and throughout. rhythmic. good stuff!

  2. The more I listen to this, the better it gets. Amazing technique and killer groove!

  3. fa_graf


  4. Alpay

    amazing composition …but why so much treble ? :/ ..the highs almost hurting my ear

  5. Ari

    I want Bob Daisley to smack this pansy in the face.

  6. Mike Matthews

    Man…, some real bass goodness going on here.