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Jonas Hellborg Releases New Trio Album, Re-Releases 1990 Solo Album

Jonas Hellborg: The Jazz RajSwedish bass virtuoso Jonas Hellborg has released both a new record as part of a trio trio, The Jazz Raj, and re-released his 24 year-old album Silent Life/Solo Bass 1990 on his Bardo records label.

The Jazz Raj is his collaboration with guitarist Mattias “IA” Eklundh and drummer Ranjit Barot. The record’s two half-hour compositions combine jazz metal and Indian music.

Jonas Hellborg: Silent Life/Solo Bass 1990Silent Life…, on the other hand, is almost from a lifetime ago. Hellborg plays the acoustic Roman Bass made by master luthier Abraham Wechter on the record – the same bass he used while playing on Ginger Baker’s Middle Passage. The discovery of unused takes from the recording sessions as well as its pre-processing sound prompted the re-release of the album, which is music produced by just Hellborg and his bass, according to his Bardo records site.

Check out the jazz metal/Indian sounds of The Jazz Raj:

The Jazz Raj is available on CD as is The Silent Life…, which you can find here.

The Jazz Raj Track List:

  1. The Swami on Park Street
  2. First Reflection
  3. Reveal or Conceal
  4. Jam Baba Smokes
  5. Here and THen
  6. On Reflection
  7. Bacchic Frenzy
  8. The Preconception
  9. Spirit Memory
  10. Biased Truth
  11. Thing or Thought
  12. Post Now

The Silent Life/Solo Bass 1990 Track List:

  1. You Have to Die to Live
  2. Ahimsa
  3. When Ambition Ends
  4. Verbal Sin
  5. Black Market
  6. The Silent Life
  7. Wounded Knee
  8. Sunyata
  9. Purple Mind
  10. Mimamsa
  11. Deep Pig
  12. Low
  13. Deaf to Persuasion

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