Eric Silver and Victor Wooten: Living In the Country

When Victor Wooten shared this awesome video of himself playing a duet of Pete Seeger’s “Living in the Country” with guitarist Eric Silver, it really drew me in. The song has special significance to to Silver, who recorded it after Seeger’s recent passing.

“‘Living In The Country’ was one of the first songs I remember learning on the guitar,” the guitarist shared. “It’s by Pete Seeger who was a big inspiration for me to learn to play guitar and banjo. Victor came by one day and we worked up this arrangement. Thanks for your life and music Pete.”

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  1. This video is so refreshing to see.

    Ive been watching way too many solo videos with vic getting all kinds of crazy with the bass that I forgot how great of an accompanist he can be.

    This inspires me in such a different way.

  2. That was excellent and it was refreshing. Musicality will never go out of style.

  3. Victor is the greatest to me.

  4. I’m thankful that Victor Wooten Became the virtuoso so has ,on the bass. Because if he took up 6 string guitar, as awesome as he’d still be, I don’t think he’d have made such an impact on musicians as he has. Root notes be damned. I Love Vic and look forward to ach and every performance because it inspires me to work harder to be better at my craft. Vic is #1 in my book, forever.