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Carlo Chirio Releases “Double Thumb Technique For Electric Bass”

Double Thumb Technique For Electric BassBassist Carlo Chirio has released a new instructional eBook called Double Thumb Technique for Electric Bass. The technique, popularized by Victor Wooten, makes use of the thumb almost like a plectrum by striking down and up.

Chirio’s book uses short patterns to get readers comfortable with the technique and groove before building on it.

“I think that the choice of short riffs (from 2 to 4 bars) is an excellent teaching method that I’ve been using for years with my students,” he writes. “It helps the cyclic pattern and the memorization, therefore we can work on a groove and internalize it using the score to learn the rhythm, the notes, the positions and finally play it by heart.”

Double Thumb Technique for Electric Bass is available now for download on Chirio’s website, which also has examples and playalong material.