Orange Amplification Announces OB-1K Bass Amplifier

Orange Amplification introduced the new OB-1K bass amplifier at the NAMM Show this year. The 1000-watt solid-state amplifier is inspired by bi-amping and splits the signal into two separate paths. The first side offers a tight, clean bass sound while the second features two stages of controllable gain and is rich in upper harmonics. Each channel can be toggled or combined with a footswitchable blend control.

Orange OB-1K Bass Amplifiers

Other features include an active three-band EQ and a DI with a ground lift. Each of the controls is labeled with Orange’s classic “Pics Only” design. It’s rack-mountable and is also available with an optional sleeve for mounting.

The Orange OB-1K will be available soon with a street price of $1,899 ($2,299 with the optional sleeve).

Orange OB-1K Bass Amplifier Specs:

Output:1000 Watts
Controls:Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Blend and Gain
Weight:47 lbs

For more information:
Orange Amplification

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  1. Are Orange amps typically dirty sounding amps?

  2. For that money I’d get a GK 2001 RB and another bass

  3. for a solid state: overweighted, overpriced