Eminence and Orange Release the Kristian Kohle Bass IR Pack

Eminence and Orange Bass IR Pack Setup

Eminence and Orange have teamed up to release the Kristian Kohle Bass IR Pack featuring 20 impulse responses that simulate four different bass cabs. The IRs can help your bass fit into a mix when a live cabinet isn’t used.

“With the Eminence / Orange Bass Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack, you can explore a wide range of tones, from earth-shaking rock to aggressive metal bass sounds,” a press release states. “Whether you’re after a fat and classic tone or a piercing and aggressive sound, this pack has you covered. Designed for both bassists and producers, this pack provides numerous tonal options to ensure your bass track fits perfectly in the mix. Say goodbye to tone struggles and unlock a world of sonic possibilities.”

Kohle is a German rock and metal producer that has produced various styles in the rock genre. The pack’s twenty responses include a stereo impulse response of his live room called the “Room of Boom,” which offers more ambience for an immersive sound.

The Kristian Kohle Eminence/Orange Bass IR Pack is available now for $49.99 through the Eminence Digital website.

Kristian Kohle Eminence/Orange Bass IR Pack Cabs Used:

Orange OBC410 4x10″ cabinet loaded with Eminence Beta 10a speakers.
Orange OBC115 1x15″ cabinet loaded with an Eminence Kappa 15 speaker.
Orange OBC810 8x10″ cabinet loaded with Eminence Legend CA10 speakers.
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12″ cabinet loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers.

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