Peavey Announces MiniMax and MiniMega Compact Bass Amplifier Heads

Peavey announced a pair of new compact bass heads at NAMM this year with the MiniMax and the MiniMega. The amps are rated at 400 and 1000 watts, respectively, and weigh in at five and eight pounds.

Peavey MiniMax Bass Amplifier Head

The 400-watt MiniMax’s preamp is loaded with a 3-band EQ accented by Punch, Mid-shift, and Bright controls for further tonal shaping as well as a pre-gain control with TransTube gain boost to add a tube-like crunch. The circuit also includes psychoacoustic low end bass enhancement and Peavey’s DDT speaker protection to prevent overburdening speakers. Connectivity includes a 1/8-inch aux input, a 1/8-inch, an effects loop, and a DI with ground lift and pre/post switches. Finally, the amp is fitted with a chromatic tuner that mutes the speaker and DI when in use.

Peavey MiniMega Bass Amplifier Head

The more powerful MiniMega offers up 1000 watts at 4 ohms and a more extensive control set. The 4-band EQ had Punch and Bright switches as well as semi-parametric mid controls that allows you to control the size of the Q. Besides the effects loop, the MiniMega is fitted with a compressor and a crunch button. Its circuitry also includes Kosmos Bass Enhancement with psycho-acoustic and sub controls. Other features include a mute control, a headphone output, a tuner output, DI with XLR and 1/4” outputs, and a MIDI footswitch input. For aesthetic purposes, the control surfaces color lighting can be changed.

The Peavey MiniMax and MiniMega bass amplifier heads will be available this year with street prices around $300 and $499.

Peavey MiniMax Bass Amplifier Head Specs:

400 Watts (rms) into 4 ohms
DDT speaker protection
Pre-gain control with TransTube® gain boost
3-band EQ with Punch, Mid-shift and Bright controls
Psychoacoustic low end bass enhancement
Built-in direct output with ground lift and pre/post switch
?″ aux input
?″ phones output
Chromatic tuner with speaker and DI mute
Two twist-lock combo ¼″ outputs
Built-in effects loop
Active & Passive inputs
Weight: 5 lbs

Peavey MiniMega Bass Amplifier Head Specs:

1,000 Watts RMS (1,500 Watts peak)
Gain control with crunch button
Built in compressor with defeat switch
4-band EQ with Punch and Bright switches
Mid controls feature semi-parametric control with narrow Q controls
Built in Kosmos Bass Enhancement with Psycho-acoustic and Sub controls
Master volume with mute control
?″ headphone output
2 twist-lock combo ¼″ outputs
Tuner output
Effects loop
DI output with XLR & ¼″ outs. DI pre-post switch, ground lift and Pad controls
MIDI footswitch input
User-definable control surface color lighting
Weight: 8 lbs

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  1. DANG. I am so glad I lived to see the future that we old SVT-shlepping fools were once promised! I am in love with my t.c. electronics BH-250, I thought the same of my Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.0 that I gigged for 5 years, and I am sure that these mighty and mini monsters from Meridian will be well received. Kudos!