Dan Lakin Launches D. Lakin Basses with Two New Models

D. Lakin Joe Osborn and Bob Glaub Signature BassesThree years after selling Lakland Basses to a private investment group, Dan Lakin is getting back into the bass building business. His new company, D. Lakin Basses, is launching two new models that with his signature artists Joe Osborn and Bob Glaub.

The Joe Osborn 4 is defined by a pair of single coil D. Lakin pickups with a 1.5″ nut width, while the Bob Glaub 4 sports a single humbucked split coil pickup and a 1.75″ nut width. Both models feature all Hipshot hardware, a bone nut, graphite-reinforced maple necks, and matching headstocks. The necks can be adjusted via the truss rod wheel, as opposed to an allen wrench.

Lakin tells us this first batch has all alder bodies and rosewood fingerboards, though maple boards will be an option soon. He also has another new design in the works of an active bass with a MM/J pickup configuration.

The D. Lakin Joe Osborn 4 and Bob Glaub 4 basses will be shipping in May. Both models carry a street price of $1,199.

D. Lakin Bass Photos:

D. Lakin Bass Details:

Neck:Maple with Graphite Reinforcement
Neck Finish:Oil Finish on Back of Neck
Hardware:All USA made Hipshot Hardware
Nut:Bone Nut
Other:Matching Headstocks, Generous Color Options, Convenient Wheel Truss Rod Adjustments

For more information:
D. Lakin Basses

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  1. Great, just what we and the world needed, more p and j bass clones!

  2. I don’t know the street price is pretty sweet. :/

  3. Cool, a jazz bass with a cool paint job

  4. im not sure what to think. Lakland was over priced

  5. hideous headstock, and it’s so disappointing that neither of this two bring nothing new to the market, the price for an american (handmade maybe?) bass is sweet, though

  6. Not US made though. Their website says “Engineered and Designed in Chicago, USA” but it doesn’t say where it’s made.

  7. Headstock looks like the old P bass one, not great but not horrible. Lakland made great basses and are not overpriced at all. Their import line is as good as an MIJ Fender and may be as good as the newer MIA’s and their USA’s destroy Fender IMHO. Dan wisely chose to do a P and Jazz clone…that’s what sells.

  8. Ug, another Fender clone. Yawn, really? And once again 20 frets. No new design features, besides truss rod adjustment and actually Fender has that now too with the Dimension. No new pickup or electronic innovations. Basically an alternative to a US Fender, with really nothing else brought to the table. Not even interesting woods or finishes. I’ll pass. Mike Lull has a few things, like T- Bird pickups on a P or J, Sadowsky has serious electronics. Come on, Dan, try a little harder. A coming MM/J config? That’s pretty much all of Lakland’s stuff’. Now all he needs is a MK1 loaded model and he’ll be set. At least Lakland has the Darryl Jones model with 21 frets.

  9. Nothing interesting about either of them than would make me want to buy one.

  10. I love my Lakland and look forward to trying the new Joe Osborn and the upcoming MM/J model out.

  11. Ok so it means built by Cor-Tek in Indonesia… as they were already working together for the Skyline series. If it’s really that, not for me, as any Skyline bass from Lakland: I don’t buy anything that does not respect workers or the planet (illegal and infested wood timbers in Asia)https://soundcloud.com/geert-horvers/shes-not-there

  12. Genuine question. Are high end fender copies (I realise these don’t really count) Sadowskis etc. really any better than a US Fender? Do they feel or sound any different? Preamp aside? Don’t see many in UK stores, so never played one

  13. Is anyone going to come up with anything new it’s same old crap…….

  14. cool bass….lemme just cash in my 401K and sell a kidney…

  15. Any plans to build something in a five string similar to the DJ-5?