Source Audio Releases The Soundblox Hub

Source Audio Soundblox HubSource Audio has released the Soundblox Hub, a box that allows for linking up five of the company’s Soundblox 2 pedals and saving the settings on each. It utilizes MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages to save and recall up to 128 pedal “scenes” to be recalled later.

“For the first time, you can save the state of your entire pedal board as a single recallable scene,” says Source Audio CTO Jesse Remignanti. “You get the flexibility and power of a complex multi-effects unit, but with the simplicity of using individual stompboxes. If you want to tweak something, just turn a knob – you don’t need to deal with the old hassle of navigating through complicated menus.”

Recalling a scene activates the corresponding pedals as well as their assigned external controllers like a passive expression pedal or Source Audios Hot Hand 3 controller. The Hub is also USB capable for software and firmware updates as well as editing presets and parameters within the box itself.

The Source Audio Soundblox Hub is available now with a street price of $99.

Source Audio Soundblox Hub Photos:

Source Audio Soundblox Hub Details:

Standard 5-pin MIDI IN and OUT/THRU
Passive Expression Pedal input, and Hot Hand® Sensor Input
Connect up to 5 Soundblox pedals via Multi-Function ports
Save and Recall up to 128 multi-pedal “Scenes” via MIDI Program Changes.
Access, Edit, and Save pedal presets and scenes via USB port to Mac or PC.
Compatible (no Scene Saving) with Soundblox 1 and Soundblox Pro.
Weight: 6 oz.
Dimensions: 3.8 in. (W) x 2.1 in. (L) x 1.4 in. (H)
Power requirements: 9 Volts DC @ 40mA (up to 80mA with Hot Hand accessories).
Power plug size: 2.1mm (inner dia.), 5.5mm (outer dia.) center negative, barrel positive.
Expression Pedal input: Stereo 1Ž4 in. plug, tip hot, 10k-50k Ohm resistance. Linear type.
Multi-Function connector: 4 conductor, 3.5mm plug

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