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Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (April 2014)

Holy smokes… No Treble’s servers were sweating in April thanks to record traffic. These top 10 videos in April most certainly helped.

Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting. Enjoy!

Alissia Benveniste: Holdin’ On

1. Alissia Benveniste: Holdin’ On

The first time we featured Alissia Benveniste, her video was the most watched (in February). Alissia once again takes the top spot in April. Check out this funky original, complete with a big horn section and even bigger groove…

Victor Bailey: Countdown

2. Victor Bailey: Countdown

Victor Bailey is about to get you to kick your practicing into high gear with this video. It’s a playalong of his take on John Coltrane’s “Countdown” as heard on Bailey’s Slippin’ N’ Trippin’ album…

John Mayer Trio with Pino Palladino: Chicken Grease/Cissy Strut Jam

3. John Mayer Trio with Pino Palladino: Chicken Grease/Cissy Strut Jam

I’ve said it before… by far, my favorite work by John Mayer is with his trio, thanks to Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan backing him up. Here’s the trio in 2005 performing a bonus jam at the end of a concert, including “Chicken Grease” and “Cissy Strut”…

Jim Bennett: “Thrift Shop” Bass Jam

4. Jim Bennett: “Thrift Shop” Bass Jam

“Daft Bass” bassist Jim Bennett has shared a new video, this time doing a cover of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”. Jim says it is more of a “Bass Jam”, and he’s posted some basic tab for the main riff on his website…

Aaron Gibson: Hard to Get

5. Aaron Gibson: Hard to Get

It is truly remarkable to me how Aaron Gibson can make his bass sing. In this video, Aaron covers the Rich Mullins tune, “Hard to Get” with his trademark style…

Patax: “Billie Jean” Rumba

6. Patax: “Billie Jean” Rumba

Our good friend Sylvain Gros-Desormeaux delivers once again with a incredible video he’s shared with us. “This band Patax has some serious stuff. DIG THAT TONE!!! The bassist is really amazing. I hope you guys will enjoy watching this an share it to the readers.” We certainly did…

Doug Johns: The Dougumentary

7. Doug Johns: The Dougumentary

Doug Johns is one of the funkiest bassists alive. The Terra State Video Club caught some of the funk with this 45-minute look into his style, his outlook, and his personality. Check out “The Dougumentary”…

Bruno Tauzin: Fender Jazz Bass Solo and Precision Groove

8. Bruno Tauzin: Fender Jazz Bass Solo and Precision Groove

The Fender Jazz and Precision basses are iconic in their tonal qualities. Bruno Tauzin created a couple videos to showcase each with a groove on his Precision and a tasty solo on his Jazz. Which one do you prefer?

Boisse: Flor

9. Boisse: Flor

Bass and voice duets can be so powerful. Here’s a gorgeous song by the Mexican duo Boisse, comprised of bassist Hector Baños and vocalist Majo Saenz performing “Flor.”…

Tower of Power: “Knock Yourself Out”, Live

10. Tower of Power: “Knock Yourself Out”, Live

We’ve been thinking about Rocco Prestia a lot lately, as he’s been struggling with health issues. This man has been showing us how to do it for a long time. Here’s just another reminder: Tower of Power’s live performance of “Knock Yourself Out” in 2005. This is the funk…

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