Jeff Beck Group and Stanley Clarke: “Lopsy Lu” Live

In 2006, Jeff Beck’s group took the stage at the North Sea Jazz Festival, with Randy Hope Taylor on bass, Jason Rebello on keys and Vincent Colaiuta on drums.

During the performance, Stanley Clarke joined the band to perform Clarke’s tune “Lopsy Lu” (with Taylor continuing to hold it down, and a little Hendrix thrown in).


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  1. Is it just me, or does Stanley always seem to be a long way back in the mix?

  2. The music is not in sync with the video.

  3. B.E. Nelson

    I found Lospy Lu to be such a beautiful song, that when I first heard it on WRVR in New York, I cried. True story. Jeff Beck just adds something special to any music pairing he is involved in. Love this video.