Big Wreck: Ghosts

I love discovering new artists, and it’s even better when a No Treble reader shares something with us. Justin Barker dropped me a line about bassist Dave McMillan of Big Wreck.

“Just heard the single ‘Ghosts’ from a band called Big Wreck,” he wrote. “It’s pretty rare to me that a bass player from what I’d consider a ‘mainstream’ act would stand out so much, but this guy is GOOD.”

Big Wreck’s album, Ghosts will be hitting U.S. stores in July.

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  1. I really liked this! It was kinda reminded me of Doves but with a Norman Watt Roy style bassline (Let the disagreements and general insulting begin…lol)

  2. That’s so cool that you all posted this. They popped up on my Slacker New Rock station and what can I say, I was blindsided by that bass. So much groove for such a mellow tune. That f-bass growl just punched through the mix.

  3. That was tight!! Nuff said!!!

  4. Nasty fills…. Love it when bass players aren’t afraid to add to a song, instead of hiding in the back.

  5. Good to see these guys getting some recognition! Ian Thornley and Big Wreck have been filling Canadian airwaves for the past 15 years. Check out “Control” too if you like jam songs!

  6. Check him on their ‘Albatross’ record… simple lines, beautiful sound. And despite 3 guitar players in a band he still stands out!

  7. el capitano

    Vocals remind me a bit of Peter Gabriel, lead guitar Stevie Ray Vaughan. Really cool grandmaster flash bassline. Cool sounds

  8. These guys are astounding live!

  9. Larry

    Check out this live version. His intro is fantastic.