Rage Against the Machine: “Killing in the Name” Isolated Bass

I’m not as familiar with the music of Rage Against the Machine as many of you probably are. So for today’s isolated bass, I consulted with NT’s Managing Editor Kevin Johnson – our resident expert in everything I’m not an expert in.

Kevin said RATM is known for their big groove and it’s neat to hear this isolated bass track on “Killing in the Name”.

The tune appeared on Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut, which was released in 1992. There’s some seriously beefy bass tone on this one. Bassist Tim Commerford played a Music Man StingRay in those days, before switching to Fender in the mid-90’s.

And as with many things, if it is good enough for KJ, it is definitely good enough for me. Perhaps you’ll agree.

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  1. Chris

    When I was a lot younger, I thought Timmy’s StingRay Tone was the stuff and I wanted to sound like that so bad, but now that I’m older, I’ve found I like his Out of Exile-era Audioslave tone so much more! I remember reading somewhere he hates being DI’ed, and this sounds a lot like he was DI’ed when it was recorded. His tone on Evil Empire sounds so much better with those SVT-2’s.

  2. I think it’s funny how Lakland isn’t mentioned at all. TimmyC was a Lakland endorser for quite some time as well.

    • Chris

      His Lakland’s are J-basses as well, I’m pretty sure. I think those are the ones he tunes to BEAD.

  3. Ah yes… That album has some of the beefiest bass sound of all cds, my friends who has a high end stereo shopmhas sold MANY speakers with that track alone… And in my car, its a favourite, since i keep one of my Bag End 15 cabs in my station wagon as subwoofer… Makes the windows rattle, but in a tastefull way!

  4. Joe Truscott

    I like this just because it’s so raw and imperfections and all..

    Also that you can heart the sound of the room.

  5. Those super tight sexuplets at 4.10! Hope Timmy C does some more soon, loved the sound city track he did with dave grohl and brad wilk!

  6. Christopher Hardman 'NT1'

    This is soooooo freaking awesome … please keep doing this

  7. Take the Power Back is how to rock slap bass, an isolated track’d be good

  8. Natural reverb do you think? I can’t tell…

  9. JiJ

    I love how bouncy that sounds, guy’s got some funky fingers :) Fits great in the mix too :)

  10. Anik

    Any ideas/suggestions on how to achieve a tone like this?

  11. Richard Trible

    I just noticed something. There’s slap verses fingers verses pick. I happen to play with a pick almost exclusively. When hearing the double notes at the end, I was trying to determine (without actually picking up a bass) if I would be able to sustain that using fingers. That would be difficult. Easier with a pick. That’s when I finally noticed that clicking sound.