Matisyahu Releases “Akeda”, Featuring Stu Brooks and Rob Marcher

Matisyahu: AkedaMatisyahu has released his fifth studio album, with bassist Stu Brooks (of his touring band, Dub Trio) producing, and Rob Marcher on bass for four tracks, according to Billboard.

“This record and period of my life deal with madness, listening for and following the voice of God, the inner intuitive voice, a small still sound. This record deals with love, with feelings of brokenness and humility, with humanity, struggle and sacrifice,” Matisyahu says.

That’s some heavy stuff. You can hear how it comes together in the latest single from the reggae/hip-hop-influenced artist, “Hard Way”:

Akeda is available on CD, vinyl, and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3.)

Akeda Track List:

  1. Reservoir
  2. Broken Car
  3. Watch the Walls Melt Down
  4. Champion
  5. Built To Survive [feat. Zion I]
  6. Ayeka (Teach Me to Love)
  7. Black Heart
  8. Star on the Rise
  9. Surrender
  10. Confidence [feat. Collie Budz]
  11. Vow of Silence
  12. Obstacles
  13. Hard Way
  14. Sick for So Long
  15. Akeda

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