Joni Mitchell & Jaco Pastorius: “Shadows & Light” Rare Live Recording

On November 20, 1976, Joni Mitchell performed a benefit concert with Jaco Pastorius and conga player Bobbye Hall for a “Save the Whales” organization in Sacramento, CA.

Here’s the trio’s performance of “Shadows & Light” from that show. This version takes on a very different vibe than other more well-known recordings of the tune. And it is so so good.

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  1. Ken Malinak

    Wow how can I add this version to my iTunes Library…I will pay!

  2. Fantastic version, never heard it before. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Lala Pupuka

    Mitchell wanted a child from Jaco. she thought his (and her) brilliant talent shell be inherited.
    I wonder how it would have work out!

    • Considering that Jaco had bipolar disorder, which can be inherited – but which is also highly influential on areas of creativity – it may have been an interesting union.

    • Pete

      His son and nephew are great bassists so I’m guessing pretty well.

  4. bjl

    The band is playing Refuge of the Road and she’s singing Shadows and Light ????

  5. Steve R Crawford

    4:35. Only one Jaco and only one Joni.