Bass of the Week: Keybass 3.0

KeyBass 3.0 - Body

We love innovative basses, so when Jonathan Dauphinais announced the Keybass 3.0, we were pumped. The instrument is a bass guitar with a keyboard synthesizer mounted to its lower half so that each can be played simultaneously.

Dauphinais first started experimenting in 2007. This is the third model of his concept, which was completely custom made. “I did major modifications on the bass & synth communication system. Possibilities now seem endless,” he shared. “I also upgraded the key touch on the synth part, a lot more stable & reliable. I once again was able to downsize the weight of the Keybass; there is now no difference between a standard bass & the Keybass. It is also 100% custom-made product.”

Luthier Pierre Erizias helped with the design of the instrument, while Montreal-based artist Zema created the visuals.

If you’re wondering what this bad boy sounds like, check out these videos, including an interview with its owner:

Keybass 3.0 Photos:

For more, check out the Keybass website.

Keybass 3.0 Details:

Fingerboard:Flamed maple
Body:Lightweight Swamp Ash
Bridge:Hipshot Ultralite
Tuners:Custom Hipssot Ultralite custom Lollipop
Pickup:Nordstrand Big split
Controls:Passive Tone, Volume
Strings:D’Addario Chromes Flat wound medium 50-70-85-105

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  1. Awesome! I’ll take a lefty.

  2. That’s so cool, I definitely want one! *realizes he has no idea how to play keybard*

  3. where can i buy it? *O*

  4. Louis

    I don’t think you are playing low enough….weight?

  5. He should combine a keyboard synthesiser with an Industrial Radio MIDI bass (, so have even more plsying options.