Dirty Loops: Wake Me Up (Avicii Cover)

Dirty Loops has just released a new cover video, this time tackling Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” Taking a more laid back feel than their previous covers, the clip has bassist Henrik Linder taking a more chordal approach.

And no, your eyes do not deceive you. The bassist is using his Mattissonbass that features true temperament frets, making the frets uneven at certain spots.

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  1. Ari Dagan

    No balls

  2. x

    about as overproduced and uninteresting as the original!

    • I totally agree.When I teach bass I tell my students. There is a time to express and time to impress,including when record.

  3. It was sounding cool, for once, and then at 3:00 that fucking technical bullshit bla bla bla again….

  4. That bass changes the true tonality!!

  5. I have yet to hear a Dirty Loops tune that does not take it completely over the top on every instrument (esp. vocals) at some point in the tune. They’re fucking amazing and I love their style but the lack of occasional restraint just ruins it for me. We get it already, you can play, stop being so predictable and play the song. The song.

  6. Everyone is just jealous. Keep up the amazing work guys!

    • Joan

      I Totally agree with you!! the’re awesome and those tonality changes, “weird” things and progressions are what makes DL so interesting.

    • Steven

      So if I don’t like or enjoy any particular musical performance, it’s because I’m jealous? Really?

  7. josh

    Aw cummon….ya gotta respect the talent. I’m a musician myself and although I don’t appreciate some music, I can certainly accept any music if it’s played with balls or comittment or talent…and these guys have all of that!

  8. Innovation is moving forward. These guys are doing it some people just don’t get it. If you’re stuck in a rut, you gotta wake up.

  9. fritz

    Amazing. They do a 180 (or pretty close) and still sound great. Wish there was more pop music this interesting and musical.

  10. Simply Amazing musicians I enjoy watching and learning from them sweet.

  11. The comments are interesting, as they’re so different from when Dirty Loops first dropped. I found this video to be both virtuous and musical. The guys are talented and they’re true to their style. I can’t wait for their album to drop. I think that it’ll be refreshing!

  12. Anthony

    I liked the shredding at the very end. It shows restraint compared to their first videos.

  13. Great musicians, no question about it. But don´t you think its time to move a bit towards something more original and fresh? I think they´re one of the greatest cover bands around…

  14. all that skill and talent…..wasted, souless tripe.

  15. Is there anything sadder than the jealous eunuchs, so anonymous of name due to lack achievement, who so easily hurl flaccid, inaccurate critiques at musicians of such obvious renown?

    Henrik Linder is a tremendous bassist of clear virtuosity and original approach. I would yank out a bicuspid for the chance to create grooves with a drummer like Aron Mellergardh. And if you can play piano with Jonah Nilsson’s sophistication while belting out a falsetto of that soulfulness, I’ll buy you and your Momma lunch.

    For you haters, are you kidding? Quincy Jones thinks these guys are kicking ass. But you know better?

    How about you hold your classless tongues and get back in the woodshed until we read your names on the Internet because of something positive that you yourselves have contributed?

    I won’t hold my breath.

    • Raeann

      Eric, thank you for your intelligent thought, these guys may be a great cover band, but they kick ass! Henrik is the man on bass!!!! And they have great originals, too! Thank you again, Eric, for stating what everyone who has musical intelligence is thinking!

    • Fred

      I agree with Eric too. There is a tremendous amount of ‘soulless tripe’ out there, but this isn’t it. These guys are tremendous and I love this cover.

  16. Why would someone choose to play a bass with temperament frets over one with even frets? What is the point of the altered frets?

  17. Ian

    Sounds good to me! Lovely bass tone. Nice punch.

  18. I agree with Eric Garland 100%.