Digital Audio Labs Adds Expansion Products to Stompblox Pedalboard Line

Digital Audio Labs Stompblox Riser

Digital Audio Labs has extended their line of Stompblox modular pedalboards with the Stompblox Riser and the Stompblox Extend. The new products are the first two modular expansion products that connect to the Stompblox system to expand its functionality.

Intended to make the back row more accessible, Stompblox Risers are designed to snap into the pedalboard to raise certain sections. Multiple risers can be used to raise a whole section, or one can be used to raise a single pedal. Up to three risers can be used on each Stompblox unit.

The Stompblox Extend is an extension that gives an additional 4.5” of surface depth for pedals while also housing power supplies. A unique mounting system works with power supplies from Voodoo Labs, Modtone, Cioks, and others. The Extend also has pass throughs to allow for cable management.

The Stompblox Riser and Stompblox Extend will start shipping in September with street pricing of $8.99 and $34.99, respectively.

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