Aaron Gibson: “Fly By Night” All-Bass Cover

As many of you know, we’re big fans of bassist Aaron Gibson. I know many of you are as well.

For his latest project, Aaron decided that since he was already doing cover tunes, he should honor some of the heroes who have made the bass what it is today. Geddy Lee fits that bill so perfectly for most of us, so Aaron took Rush’s “Fly By Night” and made it his own.

As usual, we’re blown away.

Aaron graciously shared this version of his video exclusively for No Treble. The track is available on iTunes.

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  1. wow awesome! That is some really kool bass playing! i used to have an Alembic Epic…made the mistake of selling it! now that thing is worth over 2K last I checked! but any way you live and you learn! I did find the fender Jazz bass guitar though very very happy with it!

  2. G. B.

    Excellent rendition!

  3. He is so crazy, in the best meaning of the word “carzy” , Thanks Aaron

  4. WOW… That’s incredible. I LOVE what you’ve done here, Aaron. This has always been one of my favorite Rush songs. I must say I really admire what you’ve done here with this. Thumbs up, my good sir!

  5. fred

    Great song , great playing , well done master Gibson.

  6. Just awesome indeed!!!

  7. Jukka Haavisto


  8. Brewster

    I’ve played Rock/Blues for over forty years and that was excellent my friend! Keep the hunger for music going!

  9. Jack Seitner

    Sorry, not being a hater or anything, but really this gentleman is playing guitar on a bass. Not very impressed.

    • Just for future reference, what you said is the very essence of being a hater. If you’re going to unnecessarily say negative things, at least stand behind it and don’t lie to yourself so you feel better about being an asshole.

      • Jack Seitner

        Criticism is not being a hater, nor an asshole. Name calling is definitely the behavior of an asshole, so look in the mirror.

        • Sam

          Hold on, the bass police is here. You want a bass cover of the song, there are dozens on Youtube. Big props to Aaron for doing something different with the bass and expressing himself. Plus, his voice really fits the laidback arrangement.

    • While I agree he is playing guitar on a bass. He is also playing bass on a bass. On the same bass at the same time. And there’s even some percussion riffs in there as well. Oh, and singing, too. All in all, a nice arrangement that includes the vocals, the bass line, some of the guitar chords/licks and some of the percussion from a classic song from a classic band that bass players have listened to and enjoyed for decades. You were not impressed. I was. Not only because it exceeds my own talents in both playing and arranging. But because it was simply an excellent performance for any talent.

    • The Emperor has no clothes Jack… but you’re not alone in noticing it.

  10. Enrique

    Aaron, is that a modified automotive seatbelt holding you to your Alembic?
    Geddy couldn’t have done it better!

  11. that stap …halarious

  12. I still marvel at the “No Woman, No Cry” cover and Aaron comes up with this gem. As I make baby steps with my playing, Mr. Gibson soars with unimaginable phrasing and superb arrangement and remains such as an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your art Aaron, I really do appreciate it very much.

  13. That’s very good! Awesome use of your skills for a great arrangment !
    And about the classic “playing guitar on a bass” hater comment, the bass would probably still be living in the 19th century if we didn’t have artists who takes some risks and innovate with the instrument.
    Plus, given the guy skills, he is probably more than able to handle a solid groove ;)

  14. Phil chen

    excellent n very inspirational thank you AARON one ????