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Ernie Ball Music Man Announces Neptune Blue Package to Premier Dealer Network

Ernie Ball/Music Man is now taking orders for their Neptune Blue edition of basses and guitars as part of their Premier Dealer Network. The series is based around an African Mahogany body with a custom Neptune Blue finish and can be ordered on most models.

Ernie Ball Music Man Neptune Blue Bass

Each bass will be built with a figured, roasted maple neck with a gunstock oil and wax finish while the headstock will have a matte finish. The fretboards will be fitted with high-profile, wide stainless steel frets. Music Man is also using the series to allow orders of maple fretboards on the Bongo bass for the first time ever.

The Music Man Neptune Blue Series is available through the company’s Premier Dealer Network. Prices vary depending on the instrument ordered.

Ernie Ball Music Man Neptune Blue Bass Series Features:

Body:African Mahogany
Finish:Neptune Blue
Neck:Roasted Maple
Neck Finish:Gunstock Oil and Wax
Frets:High-profile, Wide Stainless Steel

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