Jesús Rico Pérez: The Enormous Room

Bassist Jesús Rico Pérez is back with another superb Michael Manring cover. This time he takes on “The Enormous Room”, which appeared on Manring’s Thonk.

The last time we featured one of Jesús’ Manring covers, we reached out to Michael to get his take. He was impressed.

I bet he would be with this one as well.

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  1. Not to fault the performance, which was flawless, but that song was terrible.

    • Moe

      are you for fucking real, dear rob?

    • Anaughtybear

      Agreed. I know Manring is really talented, but it just seems like he’s dinking around and there is no meat to the piece. It’s kind of pretentious to just flip your tuning every five seconds simply because you can. I’d rather watch Geezer Butler flail all day than see Manring tune up for 20 minutes again.

    • I agree here; although the playing is flawlessly executed the song is a technical exercise more then it is a musical song.

      Always a debate with jazz, prog, classical music etc : atonality and form are a function of taste and appreciation for the technical side of music, there are reasons certain sounds, intervals and rythme make for a pleasing song.

      Think Ives, Mingus, Copeland, Parker, Mastodon, Genisis….

      All excellent and in some cases all an acquired taste.

    • it could be argued that there is a difference between a composition and a song. Manring doesn’t really write songs.

  2. Joe

    Granted, Manring’s music requires more of the listener. As a Bassist, I find his music truly interesting and perhaps those that don’t agree have a bit further to go in their own musical persuits. Not all music reaches the ear of all players or listeners though it is good to recognise technical ability as Rob did. It took me a while to get into the music of Allan Holdsworth but the journey was well worth it. I suggest Manring’s music is worth the journey also.

    • Anaughtybear

      What a flowery way of saying our opinions are wrong and we don’t know about good music. You can see we both said Manring is talented, but that we don’t like it. Please don’t assume that not liking a style is equal to ignorance in that style.

  3. Hey, it´s great honor for me THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  4. Amazing song and beautifully played!

  5. jimstinnett

    Very nice. Congrats on your hard work. Good job of imitating the bridge tuning shifts.

  6. Joe Gabatchko

    we bass players are always tuning, but we need to stop it and just play.

  7. Jesse Squire

    I love the use of the detuners, I always wondered how well it would work to toss one on all the strings rather than just the lowest one for dropped tunings.

  8. jake wolf

    Strange responses.. I think this is one of the most beautiful pieces, and this cover is amazing, especially given that it’s done without the bridge tuners. Really nice man!

    It doesn’t really matter to me how often a tuner is flipped, seems totally besides the point, as that is required for the harmonics that drive the melodic movement of the piece. Music is about conveyance of emotion, and this song is full emotion, IMO anyways.

  9. wow I can’t believe people are shitting on this. I’m def not a fan of super chops music, but this was certainly not that. Haunting melodies and gorgeous chords blended with all kind of tuning techniques and harmonics with killer tone. Sorry guys, but this is genius. Certainly on the forefront of pushing the instrument in new directions. Would I want to play it? Probably not. But mad respect to both Mike Manring for writing this, and Jesus for so beautifully executing it. Music is subjective. Not everybody sees and hears the same thing.

  10. jesse

    manring is king in this stuff , don’t compare him to anything others . besides his technique and time have a much deeper sense than any player i ever heard playing his tunes . he’s a pretty acomplished solo bassplayer :) now for the people who don’t get the inbetween tuning . the reason manring flips the tunes every 5secs is because this way he can play certain phrases or parts that otherwise be impossible to play for bass . as every instrument has certain restrictions . (like bending notes on a piano or impossible fingerings for a sax phrase) i guess many of you know manring has played with various other tuning than the standard EADG . this is to extend his reach on his instrument and trying to get new sounds other than what already been done . building on that concept he has succesfully takin the idea of changing tune while playing to a whole other level . much respect for mr manring
    jesse baart

  11. Kitsapbass

    Nice job!!!!