MBS Effects Releases the Mr. Smith Delay Pedal

MBS Effects Mr. Smith Delay PedalMBS Effects has introduced the Mr. Smith, a compact delay pedal that offers up to 1600 ms of delay that can be set via Tap Tempo or rotary knob. It has four types of subdivisions: quarter note, eighth note, triplets, and dual triplets.

The Argentinian effects company designed the pedal to have an analog dry-through with selectable true bypass and buffered tails bypass modes. While the pedal has Time, Level, Feedback, Depth, and Speed control knobs, it has further tweakability with internal input volume, output volume, and kill dry controls.

The MBS Effects Mr. Smith delay pedal is shipping now and carries an MSRP of $165.

MBS Effects Mr. Smith Delay Pedal Details:

Tap tempo without the need of an external switch
Two selectable bypass modes, true bypass or buffered tails
Separated speed and depth modulation controls
Four subdivisions: quarters, eights, dotted eights and dual triplets (quarters + dotted eights)
AC adapter included

For more information:
MBS Effects

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  1. The name is good enough for me to buy one.
    ?Mr.Smith is back again – Dodo in disguise.