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Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in September 2014

Bass gear news in September included a lot of pedals. Several of them were reader favorites, making this month’s top 10 list.

But it was a bass – the Ibanez/Korg joint venture SR Kaoss Bass – which really made some noise in September with reader views and shares.

As always, these lists come with a warning: may cause G.A.S.

Thanks for reading.

Ibanez Teams with Korg for the SR Kaoss Bass

1. Ibanez/Korg SR Kaoss Bass

Here’s something different: Ibanez has teamed up with Korg to introduce the SRKP4 Bass. The 4-string model takes the company’s flagship SR model and equips it with a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S, which has 100 effect programs that can be controlled real time with a touchpad interface…

Line 6 Introduces Sonic Port VX Audio Interface

2. Line 6 Sonic Port VX Audio Interface

Line 6 has introduced the Sonic Port VX mobile audio interface. Designed for portability, it’s equipped with a three built-in condenser microphones with preamps, a stereo line input, and a guitar/bass input with 120dB of dynamic range…

Dingwall Now Shipping Adam “Nolly” Getgood Signature NG-2 Bass

3. Dingwall Adam “Nolly” Getgood Signature NG-2 Bass

After introducing the Adam “Nolly” Getgood signature bass at NAMM this year, Dingwall Guitars has announced the NG-2 has been refined and is now shipping in Laguna Seca Blue and Ferrari Yellow colors…

BOSS Announces RC-1 Loop Station

4. BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

Taking a step towards simplicity, BOSS has announced a new entry-level looping pedal called the RC-1 Loop Station. The RC-1 strips away all the extra functions the series is known for and is designed solely for recording loops…

Electro-Harmonix Enters Compact Looping Pedal Market with the NanoLooper 360

5. Electro-Harmonix NanoLooper 360

The compact looping pedal market is heating up, with Electro-Harmonix adding their own pedal to the mix. The NanoLooper 360 is a compact looping pedal with 360 seconds of loop recording time that can be split into 11 different loops…

Reunion Blues Introduces RBX Double Bass Guitar Gig Bag

6. Reunion Blues RBX Double Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Reunion Blues is doubling down on their RBX series with the introduction of the RBX Double Bass Guitar Gig Bag. Designed to carry two bass guitars, the new bag features the company’s RBX protection system that includes a multi-layer foam surround, a strategically placed impact panels, a multilayer foam neck cradle and end-pin rest…

TWA Now Shipping Little Dipper Mk II Pedal

7. TWA Little Dipper Mk II Pedal

After two years of development, TWA has released the Little Dipper Mk II envelope-controlled vocal formant filter. The new version of the pedal, which is based on the classic Colorsound Dipthonizer circuit, adds new control features as well as a fuller frequency response, lower noise floor, and improved tracking…

db Instrument Amp Releases 4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal

8. db Instrument Amp 4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal

db Instrument Amp has announced the 4E Dual Axis Expression pedal, a pedal with four expression control mega-potentiometers to control up to four individual expression enabled effects at once. The pedal has a two axis design and moves up and down as well as left to right, allowing for simultaneously and independently adjusting separate effects…

MBS Effects Releases the Mr. Smith Delay Pedal

9. MBS Effects Mr. Smith Delay Pedal

MBS Effects has introduced the Mr. Smith, a compact delay pedal that offers up to 1600 ms of delay that can be set via Tap Tempo or rotary knob. It has four types of subdivisions: quarter note, eighth note, triplets, and dual triplets…

Jensen Adds Punch and Smooth to Bass-Series Speaker Line

10. Jensen “Punch” and “Smooth” Sound Series Bass Speakers

Jensen has added two new types of bass speakers to their product lineup with the Jensen Punch Sound series and the Jensen Smooth Sound series. Each style of speaker comes in 8, 10, 12, and 15-inch diameters with wattages ranging between 150 and 350 watts…

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