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Audet-Morissette: Contact

Sylvain Audet’s bass got abducted by aliens and was recovered a year later from a corn field in rural Pennsylvania. At least that’s what the bassist claims is the reason behind the new song “Contact” from his experimental bass/drum duo Audet-Morissette. The track, which also features drummer Christian Morissette and guitarist Claude Laflamme, is a cool spacey groove with some slick bass playing.

“The song was built around bass grooves and melodies by [Audet], using a double-thumb, double-index, right hand technique that incorporates Kahler tremolo scoops, bends and vibrato,” the group shared. “An Eventide Pitchfactor was used on the bass track to add an otherworldly effect.”

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

I Dig – great tone too!



I’d really like to see more close ups of this right hand technique.