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Classic Joy Division Live Album Reissued on Vinyl

Joy Division: Preston 28 February 1980Nothing seemed to work at Joy Division’s February 28, 1980 performance at The Warehouse in Preston, England.

The amps failed and instruments went in and out. But somehow, the band coaxed an inspiring performance out of rotten circumstances. The rough bass sound created by Peter Hook that night is one of the performance’s selling points. It’s a latter-day performance from the band, whose frontman, Ian Curtis, committed suicide in May 1980. The band later reformed as New Order.

Listen to the appropriately titled “Disorder” to hear what the night sounded like:

A recording of the show appeared on vinyl in the late 1990s, and now it’s back — again on vinyl — in two limited editions: one of 1,500 copies on 200-gram black vinyl foil-numbered in silver and another on lavender vinyl of the same weight foil-numbered in gold.

The limited edition vinyl of Joy Division: Preston 28 February 1980 is out now.

Joy Division: Preston 28 February 1980 Track List:

  1. Incubation
  2. Wilderness
  3. Twenty-Four Hours
  4. The Eternal
  5. Heart and Soul
  6. Shadowplay
  7. Transmission
  8. Disorder
  9. Warsaw
  10. Colony
  11. Interzone
  12. She’s Lost Control

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