Reed James Engineering Introduces RJ Neo Buckers Bass Pickups

Reed James RJ Neo Buckers PickupsReed James Engineering has expanded their line of neodymium pickups with the RJ Neo Bucker, a split coil design built in a soap bar shape with a reverse P-bass format. Utilizing the company’s Vintage Vibe Neo technology, the pickup boasts noiseless operation.

The pickup is constructed with pole pieces powered by neodymium magnets. Other features include ABS plastic covers, a 2-lead shielded pair lead wire, and a choice of nickel, gold-plated, or black pole pieces.

The Reed James RJ Neo Bucker comes in P2, P4, 35, 40 and 45 soap bar shapes. It’s available now and will have a list price of $325 per set.

Reed James RJ Neo Bucker Pickups Specs:

  • High quality ABS plastic covers
  • 2 lead shielded pair lead wire
  • Noise canceling design
  • Choice of Nickel, Gold plated or black pole pieces
  • Neodymium power

For more information:
Reed James Custom Pickups

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