Overwater Basses Announces J Series Scott Devine Bass Model

Overwater Basses J Series Scott Devine Bass

After releasing the Scott Devine Series bass in 2011, Overwater Basses has announced the J Series “Scott Devine Model.” The new model is based on the 4-string bass he uses in the majority of his YouTube bass lesson videos.

“Based on the original custom 4 string bass we built for Scott back in 2010, encompassing all the physical attributes associated with Scott’s own style and playing philosophy, it features an ‘undersize’ body profile, narrower neck and string spacing and a shorter 33″ scale,” Overwater writes.

The bass is built with a swamp ash body coupled with a one-piece maple neck with a “C”-shape profile. Its maple fretboard has a flat profile with an optional camber. Electronics include a pair of the company’s OW4 “Noiseless” J Singles with a volume/pan/tone control configuration. The bass is fitted with individual bridge pieces and Hipshot Ultralite tuners.

Overwater’s J Series Scott Devine Model will be made in limited batches and built to fixed specifications with a handful of options. The first run of ten basses will commence production in December and will carry direct prices of $2,750.

Overwater Basses J Series Scott Devine Bass Photos:

Overwater Basses J Series Scott Devine Bass Specs:

Neck:1-piece Maple
Neck Profile:C-shape
String Spacing:16.5mm
Body:Swamp Ash
Body Profile:Undersize
Finish:Natural Satin
Fretboard Radius:Flat, Camber optional
Pickups:OW4 “Noiseless” J Singles
Electronics:Flat Response Active Buffer – 9 Volts
Controls:Passive – Volume/Pan/Tone – ‘Bell plate’ mounted
Bridge:Individual bridge pieces with adjustable saddles; Thru Body Stringing
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite Black
Pickguard:Black Laminate

For more information:
Overwater Basses

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  1. Karl

    Is it just me or is that an alien reflection on the pickguard?

  2. Anthony

    Scott Devine is a heck of a player. I guess that 16.5mm string spacing works for him. I don’t think I have ever seen a four with spacing that close.

  3. erix

    It’s not far from perfect specs, for bass players with small hands. I like everything on it, especially how higher notes on the neck are fully accessible, not like on a standard JB. Is it passive or active?

  4. It’s one fret shy of being perfect.

  5. Dave

    just sold my SDS signature. maybe the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever owned, but Scott’s specs just weren’t for me