EC Pedals Announces Superswitcher 2

EC Pedals has announced the Superswitcher 2, a compact switcher for controlling multiple effects or amps at once. The pedal has eight audio loops for pedals (seven mono and one stereo), as well as an effects loop module, two relay switches for controlling amp channels, and MIDI in and outs.

EC Pedals Superswitcher 2

The switcher is based on a Microchip MCU that allows for endless preset memory, an internal tuner, bluetooth and USB capability and more. It has 99 banks with five presets on each bank for a total of 495 presets.

If you like to customize your gear, the Superswitcher can be ordered with custom options. The effects loop or MIDI modules can be switched out for two additional relay switches instead. Loops 7 and 8 can be upgraded to stereo loops, while you can also opt to exchange the tuner out for A/B selectable inputs.

The EC Pedals Superswitcher 2 is available for preorder and will ship in January. It is available direct for $339 for the standard version or $359 for the custom version.

EC Pedals Superswitcher 2 Details:

8 Audio Loops – 7 mono and 1 mono send/stereo return loop
2 Relay Switches
FX Loop Module
MIDI in and out
Internal Tuner
495 Presets
Custom options avialable
Dimensions: 16″x2.5″x2.87″
Power: 9VDC 50MA-400MA Max
MCU: Microchip DSPIC33EP512MU814

For more information:
EC Pedals

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  1. William

    I pre-ordered this. Was so excited. BUT I didnt get the custom feature i ordered, mainly the ground lift. The switchable outputs are not programmable to patches. Instead of just turning off the preset you’re on, you have to go through a three step process to bypass all the presets. So i have to have a BLANK preset in each bank, thus reducing the available presets by 20% if i want to play straight through. And lastly, there is a very noticeable delay when switching presets. And worst of all, customer service seemed to disappear after I had these questions and issues. I have the Moen GEC9, gec8 jr, and Joyo plx8, all have less options but preform what they do better. I understand that no product is perfect, but this is a long sad list. If i ever get a reply back from EC, I am sending this back unless they can fix some of this with a firmware update.

    • Ben

      Hey William, not sure if you’re ever planning on checking this but I ordered one as well and the outputs are programmable to patches. If you aren’t sure how to do this, download the pdf they have online (can’t remember if it’s in there) or let me know and I can list out the steps. I have the custom option as well and have two outs. I was definitely bummed that this didn’t come with a ground lift as well. I use the RJM Y-Not so thankfully this has its own lift so it doesn’t impact me…likewise with the amp/relay switching since I use the RJM so I can’t comment too much on the SuperSwitcher2’s ability to perform this task. Also, did you end up returning it?